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Clubmästeriet proudly presents the 47th edition of Dra’t i Spa’t 2017! Dra’t i Spa’t is northern Europe’s largest tug of war competition. The competition is held at Tinnerbäcken in Linköping on the 16th of September and in conjunction with this we also arrange two parties in Kårallen on the 15th and 16th of September.


Thursday 7 September:

12.00 – Job release in Colosseum
20.00 – DragetQuiz at KK

Tuesday 12 September

06.00 – Ticket release in Skrivsalen (Linköping) and Täppan (Norrköping)

Ticket prices:
Koh-Phang-Kravall 130 kr
Surf’s Up 140 kr
Discounts for student union members:
LinTek and Stuff: 20 kr
Consensus: 10 kr

Friday 15 September
13.00 – Friday-pub, Kårallen
22.00 – Neonkravallen Koh-Phang-Kravall at Kårallen
On stage: I-Bandet

Saturday 16 September
11.00 – Marching off from Borggården
12.00 – Referees entrance and the opening of Dra’t i Spa’t 2017
22.00 – The theme party Surf’s Up! at Kårallen
In the DJ booth: Svea Skivgarde
On stage: Frej Larsson

Welcome to Dra’t i Spa’t 2017!